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MODE 3 is a travel blog, disguised as a creative agency, operating as a virtual company. As a travel blog, MODE 3 offers travel tips, inspiration and stories that encourage individuals and families to pursue their love of travel.

As a creative agency, MODE 3 works with lifestyle brands in all verticals, but specializes in the sports, consumer products and technology verticals as well as partner agencies, passion projects, start-ups, small businesses and personal brands. Through a combination of clever ideas, strategic messaging and imaginative campaigns, MODE 3 helps create, introduce and tell the story of your brand. 

As a virtual company, MODE 3 works with clients all over the world and focuses on purposeful partnerships over profit. In some instances, MODE 3 has taken an equity position in a client's business, a percentage of the incremental sales revenue or a royalty on sales of products. By partnering with clients and fully committing to their businesses, it allows MODE 3 to have a more vested interest and ownership of the clients' goals and the quality of work.


The original birthplace of MODE 3 was in Blue Moon, a dive bar in NW Portland. Still in it's infancy, the idea traveled all the way down the coast to sunny San Diego to incubate by the warm, ocean air.

Initially, the consultancy operated in the founder's upstairs living room under The Digital List. Fast-forward a few years, two business models and a strategic rebranding campaign—MODE 3 was reborn and the virtual company returned back to where it all started—Portland.